Whether it’s upkeep on your garden or going for an evening drive around the lake, the L3 delivers all the functionality you need, in an easy-to-maintain platform that will keep you doing the things you enjoy. This simple-designed, easy-to-use machine is perfect for basic transportation, light property maintenance, lake/neighborhood rides, or other light duty tasks. You’ll be able to save a ton of time with L3 whether it’s just driving your trash down the driveway, going to get the mail, hauling fire wood, pulling farm implements, hauling the grandkids around, or whatever you put to the test.

The L3 is more affordable and offers more capabilities than a basic golf car. You won’t find an American-built, light duty UTV under at this price anywhere else in the market place.

Towing Capacity

1,100 lbs

Engine Size / Warranty

9.5hp or 277cc  / 3-years (6-year option with purchase of Opti oil)

Top Speed

24 mph

Color Options

Red / Black / Gray / White

Bed Capacity

400 lbs. (various bed options available)

Learn more about the L3 HERE